20’s Plenty is council committee’s high priority

MEMBERS of Worthing’s county local committee (CLC) have said a consultation on 20’s Plenty is still one of their high priorities.

The issue was raised during question time at the committee’s meeting on Wednesday, April 25, at Chatsmore Catholic High School in Goring Street, Goring, when chairman Bob Smytherman said he thought the consultation needed to be “as broad as possible”.

But he added: “We haven’t actually decided the format it’s going to take yet and we don’t know how much it’s going to cost. We will have to decide how much we are going to spend.”

Back in January, the CLC agreed to progress a public consultation on the idea of having a blanket 20mph speed limit for the town.

Coastal team leader for the county council Jen Bradbury provided an update on when this might happen.

She said: “This has been identified to go into the infrastructure plan by the CLC, but we know the works for 2012/13 are already agreed, so the earliest that this could come forward is 2013/14.

“However, I presume there would be a possibility of bringing forward the consultation if the CLC wanted to, but no decision has been taken on that yet.”