Crime falls on the Southern Railway network

REPORTED crime on the Southern Railway network fell by 7.2 per cent last year, according to British Transport Police.

In the 12 months to April, overall crime figures fell from 3,492 incidents in 2009/10 to 3,242 in 2010/11 – a reduction of 250, and more than 900 fewer crimes than in 2008/09.

Crimes including theft, criminal damage and property were 53 per cent of the total, with crimes against passengers at 14 per cent. Public order offences, which include anti-social behaviour, counted for 20 per cent.

Martin Grier from Southern said: “This is great news for our passengers and colleagues at Southern. We have worked extremely hard alongside British Transport Police to prevent, detect and deal with crime on our network. The fall in figures show without doubt that the measures we have in place and the activities of our Safer Travel Teams are really making a difference.”