VOTE: Do you think the A27 needs further safety measures?

A SAFETY review is to be carried out on the A27 in Worthing to identify whether additional safety measures need to be taken.

The Highways Agency has confirmed a review of the road, which is one of the busiest in the county, will be carried out this year, subject to available government funding.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency said: “Safety is top priority for the Highways Agency, and we are proud that our road network is among the safest in the world. The A27 is a vital route along the south coast, and we keep safety on it continually under review.

“In recent years, we have introduced new measures to prohibit risky right hand turns or vehicle crossings by closing gaps in the central reservation at several points on the A27 between Lyons Farm and the Lancing traffic lights. We have left spaces between the barriers at these locations for people crossing the road to wait for a safe gap in traffic on each carriageway.

“We hope to carry out a further safety review of the whole A27 through Worthing early this year, which will investigate whether there are any additional measures that we can take to further improve safety, including reviews of speed limits, crossing points and turning points.”

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