Worthing Council discusses residential car parking

THE provision of car parking for new residential developments has been discussed by councillors.

At their last meeting, members of Adur and Worthing councils’ joint planning committee considered a West Sussex County Council report which provided guidance on how to calculate residential parking demand.

Held at the Civic Centre in Ham Road, Shoreham, earlier this month (March, 2012), the meeting heard from executive head of planning James Appleton, who said the calculator allowed for “a more sophisticated approach on deciding what is the appropriate level of car parking for a new development”.

He added the calculator allowed for statistics on car ownership in certain areas to be taken into account, giving a more accurate picture.

The report was put together based on a seven-year survey of residents, and was to be used to “inform the design of new developments and decision-makers considering proposals for new developments”.

Councillor Hazel Thorpe wanted to know if the guidelines would be different in conservation areas “bearing in mind the fragility of the infrastructure”.

Mr Appleton said there would not be, but any development in such an area would be judged to higher standards, and there might be things like less surface parking.

Councillor Joan Bradley suggested that with the rising costs in fuel, and more people using public transport and leaving their cars at home, there would need to be more car parking spaces on new developments.

While councillor Nicky Waight feared the calculator could lead to a two-tiered system.

Committee chairman Pat Beresford said as it was a county council report, there was nothing for councillors to recommend or agree to, but added their comments would be passed on to the members for regeneration.

To view the calculator, visit www.adur.gov.uk/committee/cab-docs-joint-planning