Worthing mayor’s car is written-off in crash

THE mayoral car is thought to be a write-off after it was involved in a collision.

It happened in Downview Road, Worthing, when the mayor and mayoress, Charles and Pauline James, were being driven to an evening event for Worthing Scouts at the Town Hall on June 13.

The Skoda limousine’s airbags deployed, and the front suspension was damaged in the collision, but nobody was injured.

Worthing Borough Council leader Paul Yallop said the mayor and mayoress were currently using a hire car until a new car could be purchased.

He said: “The main thing is that nobody was seriously injured.

“I think the driver was a bit shocked, and the mayoress had a bit of a bang to the elbow, but apart from that it was just the metal that was damaged.

“The mayor and mayoress were back to being fully-functioning the next day.”