Worthing prom cycling likely to stay

A CONTROVERSIAL seafront cycling trial has been hailed a success and could now be made permanent.

The trial, where cyclists and pedestrians were allowed to mix on the promenade between Splash Point and George V Avenue, was launched a year ago.

At the time, many feared collisions, but there had been only a few minor incidents, while cyclists said they were now much safer off-road.

It was estimated that more than 93,000 cyclists used the promenade over the year, mostly for recreation.

John Thorpe, the borough council’s executive head of leisure and cultural services, said: “During the trial, there have been no reported injuries or incidents of a serious nature.

“However, a small number of people have either telephoned or written to indicate that they have been frightened by cyclists travelling at speed and passing close by them without using a warning bell.”

The council’s cabinet will consider making the route permanent at its meeting today (Monday, March 21).

If councillors agree, additional signage, and safety measures near the pier, are recommended.