Worthing residents hit out at ‘danger’ from pavement work

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ANGRY town centre residents are “up in arms” about development work which they say has made their street dangerous.

The group of residents live in York Road, Worthing, where on Monday of last week West Sussex County Council started work to widen the pavement on the east side of the street.

The result is that the road has been narrowed, and on Friday, it is a claimed a truck clipped a resident who was walking down the street.

Virginia Denagy, who is organising the residents’ protest, said: “The resident was walking along the pavement and he was clipped on the shoulder. What they have done is not safe. If that had been a child, they would have been run over.”

A notice placed in the Herald by the county council on July 14, states the work is to accommodate the new access road for the Eardley Hotel development. The result is that five parking bays will be removed outside numbers 2-8, but the council said no spaces would be lost overall, as they would eventually be moved elsewhere in the street.

Virginia added: “At a consultation meeting in 2009, we were told the access to the development would be in Marine Parade. We were never notified of the amendment that it would now be in York Road.”

Another of the residents affected, Sarah Wyatt, said the change was going to be a nightmare for her and her family.

The 38-year-old said: “We moved here in October, and although it’s a zone C permit area, we knew we could pretty much find parking in the street, and often outside our house, which appealed to us.

“Now, we’ll probably have to park on the seafront – zone C parking is a nightmare, anyway, so this will just make it worse.

“I’m pregnant and have a toddler, so it’s going to be really difficult having to park away from our house.”

Sarah also said that the first many residents of York Road knew about the work was when the diggers turned up to get started last Monday morning. She added: “Not all of us read the Herald, so if you didn’t see that then you didn’t know.”

All the residents claim they should have been given six weeks to appeal or contest the work, before the developers started digging up the street, but claimed they had been denied this opportunity.

A county council statement said: “The work taking place to accommodate the rear access to the new Eardley Hotel development was agreed to alter the layout of the existing parking bays, not to remove parking bays. Previously, there had been a long parking bay at this point and the new order splits the bay, effectively moving part of it slightly southwards to make room for the new junction.

“The traffic regulation order process for these changes was carried out more than a year ago, and no objections were raised during this time. The proposed work was subject to a road safety audit and as far as we are aware all the correct procedures have been followed by the developer. We will be making enquiries to ensure this is the case.”