Travellers leave Halewick Lane park

The travellers at Halewick Lane, Sompting
The travellers at Halewick Lane, Sompting

TRAVELLERS left the park at Halewick Lane in Sompting on Friday night after trespassing on council property for almost a week.

On Wednesday, a dog walker reported that her pet had been run over by one of the travellers’ vans as she had been walking it on the park.

She said the van driver had threatened her and had become aggressive when she mentioned calling the police. The dog made a full recovery.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “We have been contacted about an incident in Halewick Lane during which a dog was hit by a car and injured.

“We are currently trying to identify and trace the vehicle and the driver.

“We have spoken to the owner of the dog and are continuing to investigate the incident.”

Around 20 caravans broke into the park last weekend, causing widespread resentment among residents.

The council served travellers with a court order on Friday and they left the same day.

Staff were sent in to clear up the mess left behind. One resident said the area the travellers had used as a toilet had been left ‘full of loo paper, cardboard loo roll middles and faeces everywhere’.