Tree collapses onto Worthing home after being ripped from the ground

The tree against Laura's home in Cotswold Road
The tree against Laura's home in Cotswold Road

A 25ft tree came within centimetres of smashing through the bedroom window of young children when it was uprooted by a gale.

Laura Scott, of Cotswold Road, Worthing, had been with friends when she heard a “massive bang” outside her home.

The mother-of-three expected the noise to have been caused by bins knocking over.

Instead, she found a large tree had been ripped out of the ground and collapsed against her house.

It missed her children’s bedroom window by centimetres.

Laura, 25, said: “I had a few friends over and we heard this massive bang. One of them joked that it would have been caused by a tree, so we decided to check. I didn’t expect to find the tree against my house.”

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