Trevor’s boots walk one last time

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BOOTS belonging to the founder of the Monarch’s Way Walk – a long distance walk closely following the route Charles II took when he fled after the battle of Worcester in 1651 – were carried through Findon on Monday in memory of the man who wore them.

Trevor Antill founded the 615 mile walk in 2004 and continued to walk it up until his death in August 2010.

He set up a series of volunteer ‘minders’ to look after and keep a watchful eye on the path, as well as establishing the Monarch’s Way Association for all those who shared his interest and for those who wished to walk the Monarch’s Way.

Out of respect for Trevor, the minders of the Monarch’s Way Association are carrying his boots for one last time along the full length of the Monarch’s Way.

Supporters of the walk will celebrate once Trevor’s boots are carried on the final section from Brighton into Shoreham on May 17 starting from the Palace Pier at 1pm.

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