‘Troubled’ woman took her own life

A MOTHER-OF-TWO with mental health problems took her own life an inquest heard.

Breda Cantwell, 62, was found dead in a room at Avalon Guest House, in Winchester Road, Worthing, on September 21.

Police forced there way into her locked room after receiving a call from the landlady.

Three hand-written letters were found – one addressed to her landlady, one to her daughter and one to a council office in London, where she used to live.

Each letter said that she could not keep on living.

The toxicology report showed that Miss Cantwell had almost double the prescribed level of dihydrocodeine in her system.

Speaking from Centenary House, Durrington, last Thursday, Coroner Karen Henderson, said it was clear Breda Cantwell was disturbed in the later stages of her life.