UKIP announces parish-council candidates

UKIP has announced its candidates for the Lancing and Sompting parish-council by-elections set for May 22.

The candidates for Sompting will be David Lewis, Jean Turner and Gina Scotting, while Lancing will be contested by Jason Lock, Clive Burghard and the county councillor for Sompting and North Lancing, Lionel Parsons.

“Parish councils, more than any other, provide the real neighbourhood, grass-roots level of representation and that is why UKIP called these by-elections in the first place,” said UKIP county leader Mike Glennon.

The trouble is, if a proper election is not demanded, what often happens is that the controlling party appoints a few of their chums to fill the empty spaces – and that’s not democracy.

“Representatives must be chosen by the people, not their own mates”.

The poll comes after three members from each parish stepped down in recent weeks.