Union Place site sale takes council by surprise


A BUYER for the old police station site in Union Place has been found – a sale which took Worthing Borough Council by surprise.

The council and the police and crime commissioner were in a joint marketing exercise to dispose of the site but a buyer was found by the latter before the second round of interviews with potential buyers took place as planned.

The site is sold subject to contract, with the identity of the buyer remaining a secret.

A council spokesman said: “While we are disappointed that the process was brought to an early conclusion, we have had, as stated, a very positive meeting with the proposed successful developer to discuss their plans for the site.”

Councillors questioned commissioner Katy Bourne about the sale at the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Thursday.

Chair Roy Barraclough asked her if she was aware the sale had been agreed without the council’s knowledge.

But she hit back, stating she had a ‘thick document’ of correspondence to prove the council was aware.

Mrs Bourne was also asked how much the site had sold for, to which she replied ‘a lot of value’.