UPDATE: Explosions heard after ambulance fire near Findon Cricket Club

A PATIENT transport ambulance was completely destroyed by fire following an explosion today (Monday, January 9) during rush hour.

It is understood, the vehicle was travelling along Long Furlong (A280), near Findon Cricket Club, when a fire started, causing the driver to pull over.

Although it is not known what caused the fire, it has been confirmed by the fire service that two oxygen tanks in the back of the patient transport ambulance exploded.

Two fire crews from Worthing were called to the scene at 8.50am today and were at the scene for an hour trying to put out the blaze.

However, the ambulance was 100 per cent destroyed.

Luckily, there were no patients being transported at the time and the driver managed to escape uninjured.

The busy road was not closed, but police were called to help assist with the traffic.