UPDATE: Full Worthing local election results as Tories claim full house

Election count 2015 West Worthing and Adur and East Worthing. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-150805-103852008
Election count 2015 West Worthing and Adur and East Worthing. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-150805-103852008

TORY Tom Wye has ousted veteran Lib Dem councillor Hazel Thorpe in Tarring amid a Conservative local election whitewash.

The Tories took all eleven wards in the Worthing Borough elections, gaining three seats and holding eight in the process.

But Tarring was the big shock of the day, with former councillor Tom Wye returning to break the Lib Dem Tarring stronghold.

Hazel Thorpe, a councillor of 15 years, said: “I’m not surprised at all. I’ve worked really hard but it really doesn’t count for the public these days. Because there’s so much choice they don’t know what to choose, I suppose.

“Tom’s a public figure. People know him. He was put in there deliberately to stop UKIP and that worked.”

The Conservative success was described as a ‘momentous’ day by leader Daniel Humphreys, who won Offington convincingly.

He said: “I’m absolutely delighted and really, really flattered. It’s brilliant that so many people have put their faith in me personally and also Worthing Conservatives.

“We work hard for these folks. We work for the community in the community all year round, not just in election time. We focus on the things that matter - council tax and collecting bins.”

The general trend in most wards was Conservatives winning, followed by UKIP, Labour, Lib Dems and Green.

Central was a close contest, with the Greens polling second to Conservative candidate and cabinet member Clive Roberts.

UKIP West Sussex leader Mike Glennon said: “I think what we have seen today is quite a seismic change in British politics in our lifetime. It reminds me of 1997 but in the opposite direction.

“Voting behaviour has been greatly complicated by the emergence of the SNP who pose a threat to England in the views of English voters. It’s quite sinister given they would likely join up with Labour . This has pushed huge numbers of people into the arms of the Conservatives.”

The Lib Dems remain the main opposition party but their six councillors were reduced to four. UKIP remain with two and the Greens one.

Lib Dem leader Keith Sunderland said: “I think we have been punished for going into coalition. I do think if there are coalitions needed in the future the way we have suffered by it means it’s unlikely if there’s another national emergency people won’t want to go into another coalition. It’s worrying.”

Full results of Worthing Borough Council wards:


Tony Anderson (UKIP) - 915

John Apsey (Lib) - 481

Richard Battson (Green) - 427

Nigel Morgan (Con) - 1809

John Turley (Lab) - 778


Lionel Harman (Con) - 1490

Pauline James (UKIP) - 1029

Trudi Starling (Lib) - 592

Ian Walker (Lab) - 633

Julian Warrick (Green) - 222


Christine Allen (Lib) - 395

Trevor England (UKIP) - 729

Michelle Harfield (Lab) - 782

Daniel Parsonage (Green) - 926

Clive Roberts (Con) - 1331


John Harwood (UKIP) - 703

Dimitri Seirlis (Lib) - 443

Joseph Thornton (Lab) - 817

Bryan Turner (Con) - 1922

Rosemarie Turner (Green) - 502


Roy Barraclough* (Con) - 2946

David Elford (Lib) - 437

Peggy Harris (Lab) - 568

Samuel Lovely (Green) - 314

David Smith (UKIP) - 853


Geoff Brown (UKIP) - 599

Michael Cranefield (Lib) - 289

Joshua High (Con) - 1449

Richard Mulholland (Lab) - 604

Stefan Sykes (Green) - 802


Kirk Dickenson (UKIP) - 741

Michael Finch (Lib) - 472

Katy Parsonage (Green) - 455

Alex Wagstaff (Lab) 663

Paul Yallop (Con) - 2296


Daniel Humphreys (Con) - 2749

Pat Izod (Lib) - 410

Jed Smith (Lab) -437

John Strange (UKIP) 836

Anne Weinhold (Green) - 283


Noel Atkins (Con) - 2397

Jacqueline Cranefield (Lib) - 638

Jill Guest (Lab) - 627

Mike Jelliss (UKIP) - 1139


Graham Adams (UKIP) - 706

Mike Barrett (Lab) - 851

Valerie Ellis (Green) - 429

Alex Harman (Con) - 1415

Yvonne Leonard (Lib) - 439


Jim Deen (Lab) - 587

Ross Johnson (Green) -321

Adrian Price (UKIP) - 754

Hazel Thorpe* (Lib) - 1110

Tom Wye (Con) - 1464