Update: Katy Bourne elected as Sussex police and crime commissioner

Conservative candidate Katy Bourne has been voted as Sussex’s first police and crime commissioner.

After first preference votes were counted county-wide, the top two candidates were Bourne (Con) and Godfrey Daniel (Lab) but neither had achieved a majority.

As a result, the rest of the candidates were eliminated and the second preference votes were distributed among the two to determine the winner.

Turnout for Worthing was 13.4 per cent and Adur 13.9 per cent, with 3 per cent of ballots spoiled in each - figures that Worthing deputy mayor, Bob Smytherman, described as “terrible.”

For the full report, read the Herald and Gazette, out Thursday, November 22.

Worthing voting figures:

Katy Bourne (Con): 3207

Ian Chisnall (Ind): 2492

Tony Armstrong (UKIP): 1901

Godfrey Daniel (Lab): 1729

David Rogers (Lib Dem): 1306

Second preference votes:

Katy Bourne: 1225

Godfrey Daniel: 917

Adur voting figures:

Katy Bourne (Con): 1853

Ian Chisnell (Ind) 1459

Tony Armstrong (UKIP): 1399

Godfrey Daniel (Lab): 1264

David Rogers (Lib Dem): 567

Second preference votes:

Katy Bourne: 756

Godfrey Daniel: 578