UPDATE: Maggot found in McDonald’s burger

A WORTHING woman who found a maggot in a burger she bought from McDonald’s says she is “insulted” by the response she has received from the company.

Debby Avey, of Bulkington Avenue, was horrified when she opened the cheddar deluxe promotional meal from the Worthing store on August 11 and found the object resting on some blackened lettuce.

Last week, she received a letter from McDonalds to confirm that the foreign object she found was actually a larvae.

The pastoral co-ordinator said: “To show their incompetence they have referred to it as being found in the bun and that any active alkaline phosphatase enzyme, which is present in the larvae would have been destroyed in the cooking process of the bun.

“I had always stated that it was found in the rotten lettuce so it would not have been destroyed.

“Unless I had lifted the burger bun to check for gherkins, there is no doubt that I would have consumed the pupae and its active enzymes which has left me wondering how ill I may have been.

“To add insult they have given me £20 in vouchers to use at McDonald’s. I can assure you these will not be used.

“I am planning on returning the vouchers along with another letter stating my disappointment once again with their lack of competence.

“I have also made it perfectly clear that this incident, and the experience has left me in no doubt whatsoever that I will never consume any food produced by McDonald’s again.”