UPDATE: Train services begin to operate again after lightning and flooding affects commuters

TRAIN services are beginning to run again after coming to a standstill due to a lightning strike this morning (Monday, July 28).

The lightning strike, which occurred near Hove, means Southern cannot operate their electric pumps to clear deep flood water in the underpass at Worthing Station – reported to be ‘shoulder deep’ by one commuter.

Services between Littlehampton and Hove were not running but are now beginning to operate again.

A spokeswoman for Southern said: “A lightening strike in the Hove area led to a loss of power this morning on our network between Hove and Littlehampton.

“Heavy rain has also led to flooding at some stations. As a result of the loss of power, we are currently unable to pump water from stations that have been flooded.

“Currently, stations are unable to call at the ‘up’ platform at Worthing (for services to London and Brighton) due to flooding. Power has now been restored to the line and Southern services are now starting to run.”

South West Trains and Brighton and Hove Buses are accepting Southern tickets on their routes but these services may also be subject to disruption due to the flooding.