UPDATE: Worthing and Southwick Nepal trekkers to be evacuated


TREKKERS from Worthing and Southwick caught up in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake are to be evacuated from the Himalayan mountains (Monday, April 27).

The five volunteers, who were trekking on behalf of charity Babybuddy, felt the tremors of the 7.8 magnitude quake on Saturday shortly after they arrived on location around an hour and a half away from capital Kathmandu.

Lorraine Harman, founder of Babybuddy, said: “The British authorities are trying to get the out of there. They want to get them out of the area as soon as possible.

“They have been told to sleep in their clothes in case they have to escape quickly.”

The trekkers had been told they could continue their 11-day expedition as the Poon Hill route they were travelling along was least affected by the quake and aftershocks.

But Mrs Harman received the news this afternoon that the advice had changed.

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