Vicar saddened by lead thefts

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A vicar has been left “saddened” after thieves stripped his church’s roof of thousands of pounds-worth of lead for the second time in months.

Father John Eldridge, of St John the Divine Church in Elm Grove, Worthing, noticed that the lead was missing on Sunday morning, when water was pouring in through the roof .

As well as the damage caused to the roof, the bad weather resulted in water damage to furniture and carpets.

The latest theft comes after the church was targeted in the summer.

Father Eldridge said: “I’m very saddened by it but some people are desperate and will go to any lengths to make money.”

The church is covered by insurance but they still have to pay an excess, which comes out of church funds.

Father Eldridge added: “I can’t put a figure on how much they have stolen, but last time it cost around £3-4,000 to replace.

“Most of it is covered by insurance but it’s another cost we have to plan along with paying bills.”

The cost of repairs is expected to be higher due to the water damage.

Repairs to the roof’s interior may also be required for the same reason.

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, November 29.