Victory stamp in Worthing post box row

Residents celebrate in South Farm Road W13420H11
Residents celebrate in South Farm Road W13420H11

THERE is good news for residents in Worthing who wanted a “vital” post box replaced.

Royal Mail has this week confirmed it will be replacing a post box in South Farm Road, which was damaged by a Tesco delivery lorry in January this year and subsequently taken down.

Residents had been concerned the post box would not be replaced after they initially received no response from Royal Mail about their complaints.

Shirley Breeze, of Howard Street, Worthing, said: “This is a very busy area and we need a post box.

“We were told that there is one 100 yards away, but this is a smaller box set in a wall and gets full up very quickly.”

Mrs Breeze also started a petition – which was signed by more than 100 people – to have the post box replaced and contacted Central ward councillor David Chapman to explain her concerns.

But a Royal Mail spokesperson has now confirmed the box will be replaced.

The spokesperson added: “Our customers can be assured that we do intend to replace the postbox in South Farm Road and we expect the new box should be in place within six to eight weeks.”