VIDEO: Conker battle in Ferring

CHILDREN and adults went bonkers for conkers in Ferring on Saturday (October 1).

The annual conker battle at the Henty Arms, organised by Sompting Village Morris, was well attended, with people stopping to watch the traditional autumnal event in glorious sunshine.

About 50 people took part in numerous conker contests after an energetic display of dance by Sompting Village Morris.

Martin Frost, one of the dancers, said: “Each year we try to keep this wonderful traditional alive. This year we had a very good turnout with lots of contests, and conkers all around.

“The weather, while excellent, was slightly contradictory as we didn’t see quite the same numbers stopping to watch as we’ve had before, but, nonetheless, it was a wonderful day.”

A trophy was presented to the youngest entrant, Eve de Jersey, and every child participant was given a prize.