VIDEO: Dad undertakes septathlon with a twist to raise money

Five hours on an exercise bike to raise money for charity sounds like a good effort.

But this is just the first of seven different activities for Simon Bashford, who today is past the half way mark of his week-long challenge to get donations for a blood cancer charity.

Simon Bashford starts a marathon of different sports for charity.  Picture: Derek Martin

Simon Bashford starts a marathon of different sports for charity. Picture: Derek Martin

The 50-year-old pedalled for five hours on Monday at Virgin Active in the Rustington Golf Centre.

Yesterday he put on his bowling shoes for a 12-hour ten-pin bowling marathon.

And today, he was due to channel his inner Tiger Woods for 12 hours of par three golf at the centre.

The security officer said he raised £60 on the first day of the challenge, which he thought went ‘really well’ – thanks in part to the padded shorts he had invested in.

Speaking on Tuesday, he said: “I’m feeling better than what I was expecting. My bottom isn’t hurting too much today.”

On Tuesday, he completed a 12-hour snooker marathon at Goring Conservative Club in Mulberry Lane, Worthing, and tomorrow he will be returning there for half a day of darts.

Saturday’s challenge is a 12-hour pool marathon, also at Goring Conservative Club, but the main event comes on Sunday, when he is due to walk from Worthing Pier to Brighton Pier and back wearing a backpack weighing 50 pounds.

Speaking before the seven-day challenge, Simon said training was going well, and added: “I should be a little bit worn out at the end but there is nothing too difficult, I just need to put each bit all together. Hopefully it will go really well.”

His chosen charity is Anthony Nolan, a blood cancer charity which he has raised money for before.

For this challenge, he has raised £350 so far and hopes to smash the £1,500 mark soon.

A regular fundraiser for the charity, Simon has done many different events.

One of the more unusual ones was being part of a walk along the Great Wall of China which raised £5,000.

But looking ahead to this weekend, Simon, from The Avenue, Goring, said he would go down the pub and have ‘a couple of pints of Guinness to celebrate’ once the septathlon was over.

To donate to the seven day challenge, go to