VIDEO: Former mayors, mayoress and labradoodle honoured

Two former mayors, a former mayoress and a faithful labradoodle were honoured at a special ceremony last week.

Wednesday, 21st December 2016, 2:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:11 pm

Worthing Borough Council bestowed the title of Honorary Alderman of the Borough of Worthing on three former councillors at Worthing Town Hall on Tuesday, December 20.

Former mayors Michael Donin and Vic Walker were made Honorary Aldermen and former mayoress Norah Fisher was made an Honorary Alderwoman.

During her time as mayoress she was accompanied on official duties by her assistance dog.

Mayor councillor Sean McDonald made sure Herbie the labradoodle was not left out, giving him a festive treat in recognition of his service.

The honour of Alderman/Alderwoman is bestowed in recognition of eminent and distinguished service rendered to the council and the borough, a spokesperson for the council said.

Between them the three former councillors have given almost 22 years’ service.

Proposing the motion to bestow the honour on Vic Walker, who was mayor between 2014 and 2015, councillor Paul Yallop said: “He is someone I think was very dedicated to the role he had, took it very seriously.

“I know whenever I was around with him he took every opportunity to promote this town.

“I think he is a very deserving candidate,” he added.

Speaking to the council about Michael Donin, who was mayor between 2015 and April this year, councillor Hazel Thorpe said: “Charming, gracious, sense of humour, hardworking, liberal, Candian.

“Those are a few of the words that we could describe Michael Donin. Very important qualities for a mayor.

“Michael thoroughly deserves the honour of being an alderman.”

Norah Fisher was mayoress between 2013 and 2014. Her partner, councillor Bob Smytherman, spoke to the council, highlighting what she ‘meant to this town and to so many people in this town’.

“Nora is the most amazing, inspirational person I think I have ever met in my entire life,” he added.

Her assistance dog Herbie was also praised for its help during her time as mayoress, receiving a festive treat from Mr McDonald.

For a video of the event and pictures visit our website.