VIDEO: Hundreds protest to stop Cissbury Ring land sale

A PROTEST rally was staged today (Saturday, November 14) by the Stop Cissbury Sell off group.

Despite Worthing Council's decision to review whether 200 acres of its agricultural land near Cissbury Ring should be sold, the protest went ahead at 11am.

During the protest which was attended by about 400 people, the group held a short meeting before walking across Mount Carvey, Cissbury Ring and back down Tenants Hill to view the for-sale land.

The group discussed how they wish to see it improved under Worthing's ownership.

Open Spaces Society general secretary Kate Ashbrook spoke during the rally.

She said: "The Open Spaces Society has campaigned to save our open spaces for more than 140 years and is pleased to add its weight to this crucial campaign for the Cissbury downland.

"This is of exceptional value for its landscape, chalkland habitat and public enjoyment. It forms a vital part of the setting of the celebrated Cissbury Ring, and is within the new South Downs National Park.

"We are delighted that the leader of Worthing Council, Paul Yallop, has agreed to review the sale of its downland around Cissbury Ring.

"But we fear that this may merely be a stay of execution. We want the council to revoke that decision and to resolve not only to retain the downland, but to restore it to its former wildlife- and wildflower-rich landscape."

Cabinet member Steve Waight said: "Because the decision was made a year ago and because of public concern, we feel it right to review the decision in order to make sure we take everything into account before a final decision."


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