VIDEO: Learner driver in near-miss with elderly motorist on A24 at Findon

A LEARNER driver witnessed the unpredictability of other motorists on Saturday (May 19) when he was faced with a car coming towards him on the A24 near Findon.

Paul Berry was in a lesson with his 18-year-old learner driver at about 9.30am when vehicles on the other side of the road started flashing at them.

Paul, who runs Billingshurst Driver Training, said: “We were heading south on the A24, between the Washington and Findon roundabouts.

“All of a sudden, cars kept flashing us from the other side, and then a coach flashed and all its passengers were trying to get our attention.

“I realised something must be happening up ahead of us, so told my learner to slow down and keep to the left when suddenly a car came straight towards us on our side of the road.”

Paul said that, luckily, all the motorists managed to avoid the car, which he believes was driven by an 85-year-old woman who police later caught up with.

Paul, 44, said: “It just goes to show you never know what to expect on the roads.”

An on-board camera, which Paul uses to teach learner drivers, captured the near-miss on tape.

Paul’s website can be found here