VIDEO: Man protests beauty spot fly-tipping by leaving litter

A dog walker who uses unorthodox methods in his one-man protest against fly-tipping in a beauty spot is calling for others to join the fight against litter.

Wednesday, 7th February 2018, 3:26 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:19 am
Jan Antonowicz with his dog Nobby on Highdown Hill with the litter he had collected. Picture: Kate Shemilt

Jan Antonowicz, 56, of Hangleton Lane, Ferring, collects rubbish dumped on Highdown Hill and leaves it at one of three entrances to highlight the problem to visitors.

But after 15 years of cleaning the idyllic spot, he said he cannot do it alone. He said: “People should know what they are leaving behind. If I just make it disappear like a fairy, as soon as I drop out it is going to build up in no time and all my work will be undone.”

As well as beer cans, plastic bottles and food packets, the builder has found some more unusual rubbish while on walks with his dog Nobby, including traffic cones, shopping trolleys and tents.

Jan Antonowicz with his dog Nobby on Highdown Hill with the litter he had collected. Picture: Kate Shemilt

Now, he is calling for dog owners to double bag their pet’s waste and take it home rather than throwing it in the brambles, and for parents to tell their children not to litter.

He said: “What would be payback for me is the pleasure of seeing a school outing enjoying the scenery.

“I would pat myself on the back because I cleaned up the poo bags.”

He has received criticism from the public for his unorthodox methods. To them, he said: “If they don’t like it, they are free to bring a bin liner with them and take the rubbish to the bins down yonder. I don’t see why anyone should have any grievance with me over this. Why don’t they chip in?”

Jan Antonowicz at the entrance to Highdown Hill. Picture: Kate Shemilt

Charlie Cain, National Trust Lead Ranger said: “Litter spoils the landscape and causes harm to wildlife.

“Jan Antonowicz has been picking litter on Highdown for years, for which we are extremely grateful. We want to thank him and all our volunteers here, who take part in our regular litter picks, especially during the summer months when people party here and leave rubbish in the quarries. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but foot prints.”

Jan Antonowicz with his litter protest. Picture: Kate Shemilt