VIDEO: Pod of dolphins filmed off coast

A pod of up to 40 dolphins were filmed off the coast of England yesterday evening.

Saturday, 2nd June 2018, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:31 am
Two of the dolphins leap from the North Sea alongside the boat

While the majestic mammals were sadly not seen in Sussex, the video shared by our sister paper in Northumberland is breathtaking.

In an amazing sight, the dolphins can be seen swimming around the small motorised rowing boat off the coast of Northumberland, leaping from the sea individually and in groups, almost like a choreographed water-ballet.

The footage was taken on a mobile phone by Kate Durie, who was on the boat with her boyfriend Callum Hewitson’s family.

Two of the dolphins leap from the North Sea alongside the boat

Callum’s brother Connor spotted the dolphins from the shore at Seaton Point, then Kate joined Fin and Tamsin Bowron, from Boulmer, and friend Ruth Cook, also from Boulmer, and headed out on Fin’s rowing boat, which is fitted with an outboard motor.

The brothers followed in kayaks. On the video, the party can be heard screaming with delight as the dolphins frolicked around them. They headed north, reaching Howick with the dolphins still following. Later, Tamsin posted the video on Facebook, saying: “For an hour tonight, time froze as we had the most surreal experience EVER. A moment to treasure always.”

The lads’ mum Tamsin told the Gazette: “The dolphins followed the boat for just over an hour. They were clearly visible under the surface because the water was so still.”

A beautiful sight, with the coast in the background.

Fin said: “It was an incredible sight. There were 30-40 dolphins swimming alongside and under the boat and leaping out of the water. There were young ones among them.”