VIDEO: Self-taught Lancing scooter rider shows off his skills

A 17-year-old self-taught scooter rider from Lancing has said skateparks, like the one in Beach Green, 'mean a lot' to young people like him.

Mason Harwood, of Orient Road, said the skateparks in Shoreham and Lancing - where several incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism have been reported - gave him a great excuse to spend time outdoors.

Mason Harwood, 17, from Lancing

Mason Harwood, 17, from Lancing

The student, who attends City College in Brighton where he studies multi trades, has been skating for just two years and is entirely self taught – but has managed to pick up some impressive skills.

He said: “I really like it, it’s something to do rather than sitting on a games console.

“I like to be outside learning new tricks. It’s just something different and fun.”

He said he particularly enjoyed passing his knowledge on to others.

“People come over and say, can you teach my son to do that trick?” he said.

He acknowledged there were groups that did cause problems at the skateparks.

“Sometimes I can’t ride there because people chuck glass – that is very disappointing,” he said.

“They don’t just ruin it for the kids, it’s people like me they are wrecking it for too. But when adults are there it’s alright.”

Mason said he was lucky to have two skateparks so near to his home.

“It means a lot to me to be honest,” he said.

“It gets me out, that’s what I like. I try and make it down everyday when it’s sunny.”

And he said he is not the only one.

He added: “There’s loads of people, sometimes you can’t even ride it’s so busy.”

Last week, the MP for East Worthing and Shoreham unveiled an action plan to tackle anti-social behaviour and vandalism at Beach Green.
Tim Loughton MP said he decided to take action after being approached by constituents raising concerns which included the bullying and intimidation of younger skaters, damage to beach huts and windows at the Perch café, late-night bonfires and the theft of bikes.

He said: “There is clearly a lot of goodwill to make sure this facility succeeds and Lancing Beach Green continues to be Lancing’s jewel in the crown.

“I am determined that we find practical solutions to the clear problems that have emerged.”