VIDEO: Worthing vets and animal rescue save two abandoned dogs

MEET Blackie and Timmy – both are recovering in Worthing after being abandoned by their owners and left fighting to survive.

Click on the green play button to see a video interview with veterinary surgeon Mark Pertwee, who operated on both dogs.

Blackie, an 18-month-old terrier bitch, was used for breeding before it was run over and then abandoned at a vets with a dislocated hip and a fractured pelvis.

Timmy, a five-month-old Jack Russell cross puppy, fell from a tractor and fractured its leg but was left abandoned in a stable for a week meaning vets had to amputate its injured leg.

Run over

Grove Lodge veterinary surgery in Worthing and charity WADARS – Worthing And District Animal Rescue Service – have helped the two dogs but have been left with a 2,000 and growing bill.

Rescue officer Billy Elliott said: "Blackie was probably being kept for breeding and has now outlived her usefulness to the owners.

"She was taken to the Grove Lodge vets in Brighton by two men after she was run over and they just plonked her on the table and asked for her to be put to sleep."

The vets had no intention of ending Blackie's life.


Timmy, the five-month-old puppy, has not been so lucky and has had its leg amputated because it was not taken to the vets early enough after fracturing its leg.

Billy said: "A woman who rented a horse stable north of Brighton had the puppy with her on a tractor and it apparently fell off.

"But nearly a week later she disappeared from the stables, and the stable owners found the puppy.

"It's such a shame – had it been brought in a day or two after the injury, his leg could have been saved."

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In a bid to try to get some of the money back to pay off the vet bill for the two dogs, WADARS has organised a sponsored walk.

The walk will start from Highdown Gardens, Goring, on Sunday, October 11, at 11am.

People can sign up to the walk on the day, and will be asked for an entrance fee, or they can get a sponsor form from Grove Lodge vets.

Billy and his colleagues at WADARS can also be sponsored online at


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