View the moon with astronomers

WORTHING Astronomers are encouraging people to join them for a night of moon-gazing.

As part of the group’s public outreach programme, two moon observing evenings will be held from 8pm onwards, on Friday and Saturday, on the promenade, between Grand Avenue and Seaview Road.

International Observe the Moon Night sees amateur astronomers across the globe observing the moon with one another.

Worthing Astronomers has a membership of 320 and is open to anyone of any experience level.

Those attending will be able to enter a competition to see who can take the best picture of the moon, using their camera phones and a telescope.

There are three prizes up for grabs – different fish-eye lenses suitable for iPhones, HTC and Samsung smartphones – courtesy of 365 Astronomy.

Entries must be taken at either of the evening events and submitted to

For more information, visit