Visible police presence to deter thieves

POLICE will be out in force in Worthing town centre in the coming weeks as part of a crackdown on shoplifting.

‘High visibility’ policing will be providing a deterrent to would-be-thieves, in the two weeks up to Christmas and up until the new year.

PC Marv Lucas, who is part of the neighbourhood policing team for the town centre, said: “This operation is centred around high visibility policing around the town centre to give reassurance to shoppers and visitors and to reduce incidents of shoplifting, which can increase at this time of year.

“It’s always been a positive thing to do both for shoppers and the retailers and we do see a reduction in thefts. We already talk regularly to Shopwatch and security staff but they appreciate the support at this busy time of year.”

Shoppers are encouraged to talk to officers who will be on hand to discuss security.

The additional police presence was welcomed by town centre manager Sharon Clarke.