Visitors will dwindle

HAVING been a Worthing resident for 79 years, I was appalled to learn of the proposed plans for the closure of yet more of our current facilities.

As a result, I am listing below the facilities already lost or under threat of closure within the forseeable future.

1 Boating pool.

2 Children’s paddling pool.

3 Peter Pan’s Playground.

4 AMF Bowling complex.

5 Beach Hotel.

6 Go-kart track at Brooklands.

7 Connaught Theatre.

8 Assembly Hall.

9 Worthing Thunder basketball club.

10 Field Place leisure complex.

I understand that our local theatres cost taxpayers in the region of £1.2million per annum to maintain. Surely, a modest increase in our council tax would at least enable our theatres to be retained until such a time as Teville Gate comes to fruition?

I realise that we are faced with cost-cutting at this time, but would stress that unless something positive is achieved shortly, visitors to the town will dwindle rapidly, resulting in hotels and local businesses suffering very badly.

In fact, Worthing could well become a ghost town within a very short space of time.

Doug Turner

Pevensey Garden