Vodafone outage in Worthing

Customers at the Vodafone store in Montague Street
Customers at the Vodafone store in Montague Street

DISGRUNTLED Vodafone customers have been unable to make phone calls or use the internet in Worthing for more than a day.

The telecommunications company has been flooded with complaints from people who have been unable to make or receive calls and use their 3G services.

Most have had problems since yesterday, but some have reported faults since Thursday.

Other customers have also reported having to repeatedly send texts, with messages arriving up to 12 hours late.

The Herald visited the Vodafone store in Montague Street today (Wednesday, April 10) and asked about whether the shop had received complaints and what had caused the fault.

A staff member refused to comment, but within minutes a queue of customers asking what was causing the fault had reached the door of the shop.

It is understood those on Vodafone cannot use their phones properly throughout most of Worthing.

A staff member at the Vodafone store said the fault was caused by a mast falling in Worthing, but it was not known how long it would take to be fixed.

The network has also affected businesses who rely on making calls for their work.

Kate Giammateo, from Winterbourne Way, Durrington, described the outage as “horrendous”.

Kate, 52, is an Avon team leader and said she had a team of staff she needed to phone.

She said: “They really need to be out repairing it quickly. I’ve got people on my team and I can’t ring anybody.

“All my family is on Vodafone as well, so I can’t phone any of them. Hopefully the problem is sorted quickly.”

Lucy Marks is a professional who offers coaching and executive training and relies on her mobile internet as well as making calls.

She had been in Thailand until recently.

She said: “I had been travelling in Thailand and I had everything on my phone. When I came back to Worthing and realised I couldn’t make calls or use the internet, I thought ‘that’s strange’. I phoned their helpdesk for two hours this morning and was told it was my sim card and then they re-set everything.

“I need the internet for my business. I can go on my computer but it’s important to be able to respond to some emails quickly.

“Vodafone are generally the fastest and they’re brilliant if you run your own business, but I think it’s just the case that the people on the call centre didn’t know what was going on.”

Taxi drivers have also been hit by the signal outage.

Those whose phone systems use the Vodafone network have struggled to operate normally.

Frank Jones, from A2B taxis, said he had been unable to make and receive calls properly since Thursday (April 4).

He said: “It’s been a total nightmare. It’s been jamming up our machines. What If someone wants to phone an ambulance in an emergency?”

The Herald contacted the Vodafone press office and is currently waiting for a reply.

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