VOTE Council defends dog control orders

THE majority of responsible dog owners will notice no difference if new dog control orders come into effect – that is the message from Worthing Council, which has defended its plans to introduce the orders.

The council is proposing to introduce all five types of dog control order, which include some exclusion areas and on-lead restrictions.

But Clive Roberts, the council’s cabinet member for clean and green environment, told the Herald the plans were not “anti-dogs”.

He said: “The dog control orders mirror the old by-laws, they are almost the same rules but they come under civil law, meaning we have more control and can issue on-the-spot fixed penalties to irresponsible dog owners.

“We are not anti-dogs.”

If passed, the new orders will restrict the number of dogs allowed on leads to six per walker, exclude dogs from some public areas, and allow officers of the council to ask owners to keep their dogs on leads in areas such as along promenade from Windsor Road to George V Avenue.

Owners will also have to keep their dogs on leads at all times in areas such as Denton Gardens, Beach House Park, Field Place and Palatine Park.

Worthing residents have until tomorrow (Friday, April 8) to give the council their thoughts about the new orders.

Last week, after hearing about the plans, dog walkers started a petition, which so far has 300 signatures.

Maggie Clark, 65, of Western Road, Lancing, said: “I am a responsible dog owner and I definitely will notice a difference.”

Dog walker Ron Hayes, 66, of Ophir Road, said he does not see how these orders will be policed.

He said: “I very much doubt the dog warden will be there each time someone falls foul of these orders. They are not tackling the real issues.”

Maps relating to the proposed orders can be seen at Worthing Town Hall, Portland House, or at

Representations should be made to Jeremy Cook, executive head of legal and democratic services at Worthing Council, or by email to

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