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A PRO-CHOICE group is set to protest against the actions of members of one Worthing church, after concerns their anti-abortion views will become more established in the community.

Pro Choice Brighton established itself last year after reports of members of Worthing Jubilee Church intimidating women outside an abortion clinic in Brighton.

Members of the church take part in Abort 67 protests, held outside Wistons Clinic, in Dyke Road, two to three times a week, by showing graphic images of aborted foetuses on banners.

Pro Choice Brighton is now taking action against the group, by organising a Carnival for Choice march through Worthing on April 15.

Carolynne Henshaw, a member of Pro Choice Brighton, said: “We want to tell the people of Worthing they have a choice, and, in Brighton, we respect that choice.”

Carolynne said one of the main aims of the group is to stop the Abort 67 protests in front of Wistons Clinic.

She said: “In this country, we are fortunate enough to have freedom of speech, and we respect that. We just ask Abort 67 not to hold its graphic protests in front of the clinic, but elsewhere.

“The people who use the clinic are in vulnerable situations.

“Also, Bhasvic College is just down the road, and students are confronted with the images almost every day.”

Abort 67 protester Andy Stephenson, 37, said the group is not planning on going anywhere.

“All the rumours against us are complete fabrication,” he said.

“We take little notice of Pro Choice because they just want to be noticed, and we will not be moving anywhere. We believe we can help the women going into the clinic.”

Andy, who is a member of Worthing Jubilee Church, said he does not believe the images the group use are inappropriate.

The Carnival for Choice will leave Worthing High School, South Farm Road, at 10am on Sunday, April 15, and will march into Worthing town centre.

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