VOTE: Do you think car clamping release charges are too high?

A PENSIONER has spoken of the moment she suffered a diabetic attack after her car was clamped and she was ordered to pay nearly £400.

Jackie Bennett, 65, had paid to park in the outdoor area of the Teville Gate car park, in Worthing, on Saturday (November 5), but was shocked to return and find her car had been clamped.

With her glucose levels starting to dip, Jackie needed to return home, but was unable to leave until the clamper released her car.

But when he told her she needed to pay £380 or her car would be towed, Jackie began to suffer from a hypoglycaemic attack.

Jackie, from Cheal Way, Littlehampton, said: “It was horrendous.

“I told him if he didn’t let me leave he would need to call an ambulance.”

Jackie paid the money, but said she needed to return goods she had bought from Comet in order to afford the payment.

She said she had parked in the same space for the last two years, but had not realised the car park was private, as it is right next to pay and display parking and a ticket machine.

She added: “I’d bought a ticket.

“It was obviously an innocent mistake.”

James Randall, office manager for the clamping company that operates in the car park, Parking Control Management (South), said it was company policy to charge an additional £250 on top of the £130 clamp release fee if a towing vehicle was dispatched from the company’s depot, but he added this was done for a handful of vehicles in contravention of certain parking orders.

He added: “Our operatives are not going to watch someone die over a clamping fee, but people will often say all kinds of things when their vehicles are clamped.”

Has your car ever been clamped? Do you think clamping charges are fair?

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