VOTE: IS 20mph plenty for Worthing?

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PLANS to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit in Worthing have been approved for public consultation.

At the meeting of the Worthing county local Committee last Wednesday (January 25), at the Chatsworth Hotel in the Steyne, all members approved the decision to pass the 20’s Plenty campaign on to public consultation.

If approved, the campaign would result in a 20mph speed limit in all residential roads in Worthing, with exceptions for larger, arterial roads such as Littlehampton Road.

The campaign was widely met with support at the meeting, though several taxi drivers spoke of their concern of blanket speed restrictions being applied to the town and the effect this would have on their business.

The members at the meeting agreed it was necessary to give the public a chance to consider the plans, with chairman Bob Smytherman adding public consultation needed to be “robust” enough to give people the chance to choose what they wanted, rather than pick from a couple of options.

Duncan Kay, who is leading the 20’s Plenty campaign in the town, said: “I’m very pleased there was enormous support for putting the campaign to public consultation. It’s really, really important that people in Worthing get to know about the benefits of 20mph speed limits and get to make an informed decision on whether they want it for Worthing, because I think there’s a lot of misinformation.”

Chief Inspector Ian Pollard said police would support targeted and tailored 20mph speed limits, but not a blanket speed reduction, particularly as the limits would not be easy to enforce legally.

Worthing firefighter Gavin Ross, who was injured for three months after being knocked off his bike by a car and having his shoulder ligaments torn, felt the 20’s Plenty campaign could, in fact, make roads more dangerous.

Mr Ross, 45, from High Salvington, said: “I don’t agree with the committee when they say 20mph will be all right. People speed all the time. We will get a few people who obey the limit, but the same people will be speeding and the differential between those that stick to the limit and those that speed will be greater. What you’ll probably get is more people getting frustrated and over-taking, and over-taking is another reason for accidents.”

It is not yet known when the plans will be passed on for public consultation, though Mr Kay said he was hopeful a decision would be made within the year.

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