VOTE: Nautical additions could be sunk

A SEAFRONT “pirate” and his rowing boat are set to be torpedoed at a meeting of Worthing planning councillors next week.

Both of these nautical eye-catchers are prominent features on The Spyglass Inn, in Marine Parade, opposite the Pier.

But the borough council’s planning committee, set to meet on Wednesday (July 11) is being recommended to refuse retrospective permission for the exterior alterations.

Reasons for refusal include that the alterations are “poorly integrated with the character and features of the building as a whole, resulting in an unduly assertive, cluttered and a discordant appearance” which detracted from the building’s appearance and the South Street conservation area.

An officers’ report to the committee says the nautical theme “has been carried out crudely and to a poor design quality, and the Cornish theme of the alterations does not authentically reflect Worthing’s cultural history or identity”.

What do you think?

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