VOTE: Should there be a crossing on the A24?

A GROUP of horse riders are campaigning for a crossing to be installed on the A24 at Findon before a “horse or motorist is killed”.

In the last week alone, a pony was hit by traffic and two horses were almost hit by a car being driven fast through the village.

Karen Shaw contacted the Herald on Monday to say more needs to be done to protect horse riders in the area.

She said: “We are petitioning for a horse pedestrian crossing on the A24 by Wyevale garden centre.

“I have had my horse spook and spun out on to the A24 when cars have had a clear view and plenty of time to slow down but they don’t – they just swerve around us.

“I have put my hand up to request drivers to stop, many other riders have to deal with the same, but still traffic does not even attempt to slow.”

Karen has asked West Sussex County Council if a horse pedestrian crossing, which has a button high enough for horse riders to press, could be installed.

A spokesman said: “A request for this ‘pegasus’ crossing was first received on April 23.

Because this involves the A24, the county council has to understand the feasibility of installing a crossing here.

“Even if we are able to find a suitable location and attract sufficient funding, a signal controlled crossing takes considerable time to assess, design, consult and install, so such a solution could not be achieved quickly.”

Goring and District Riding Club, of which Karen is a member, has pledged to support the campaign, and the issue will be discussed at Findon Parish Council’s next meeting.

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