VOTE: Should Worthing seafront cycle path extend further?

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SEAFRONT cyclists may soon be able to ride the extra mile along Worthing’s western promenade path.

West Sussex County Council is bidding for funds to extend the shared pedestrian/cyclist route from the bottom of Grand Avenue to Sea Lane, Goring.

At present, beach-side riders can legally pedal their way from Shoreham, Lancing, East and West Worthing, and onwards to George V Avenue – but pedalling is supposed to stop at this point, where the promenade runs into a comparatively narrow stretch of concrete foreshore path.

Many riders, however, ignore the “cyclists dismount” signs at the foot of George V Avenue and continue to cycle west on the often pedestrian-congested path – leading to riders attracting angry comments from some walkers who feel they are expected to give way to the two-wheelers.

The county council’s route-extension bid to the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund includes provision to widen and upgrade the path to make it suitable for shared cycle and pedestrian use.

It also outlines plans to connect the extension to Goring rail station, and other parts of Worthing’s cycle network.

“This will encourage the high proportion of residents who currently travel short distances by car along this corridor, to switch to cycling by providing an attractive and safe route. It will also provide an extension to this very popular leisure facility,” says the bid application.

A county council communications spokesman told the Herald on Tuesday that details had not been settled over how much funding would be required.

He continued that a decision from the Department of Transport was not expected until the end of this month. If the bid was approved, then a public consultation process would be launched to sound out local opinion on the matter.

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