VOTE: Worthing residents to have their say on parking

THIS week the Herald revealed not one penny of money made from parking fines is reinvested back into the town.

Now, every resident in Worthing has the chance to have their say about how parking is run.

On Friday (August 26), the council will be sending a questionnaire, called Your Chance to be the Chancellor, to all homes along with the Electoral registration form.

Within the questionnaire, which asks about a variety of services, the council asks residents’ views on parking ahead of it deciding whether to renew current parking contracts with NCP and NSL in 2014.

Residents can either answer “successful” or “unsuccessful” to the question – “We need to review our on-street and off-street parking contracts by 2014. Please could you let us know if you think they have been successful?”

Deputy leader of the council, Bryan Turner, said: “We’re aware of the contentious issue of fees charged for off-street car parking in mutli-storey and surface car parks.

“We have several options for 2014 when the contracts are up for renewal. We could bring parking in-house again and set our own fees, or we could contract management of parking out again but retain the ability to set the fees ourself.”

Bryan said: “The questionnaire is the beginning of the process to decide what happens to the parking contracts in 2014. We will listen to the response and act accordingly.”

He said a working party would be set up to examine parking in-depth, and said it would be consulting with the Town Centre Initiative and Chamber of Commerce.

*Worthing Council urged residents to complete their voter registration forms as soon as possible so their voices may be heard in the 2012 local elections.

Those who have not received a form, or who want more information, should call the election team on 01903 221014.

Do you think on-street and off-street parking schemes in Worthing have been successful? Cast your vote in the panel to the right of the screen, and leave your comments below.

Read the full story about parking in today’s (Thursday, August 25) Worthing Herald.