VOTE: Would you like to see Worthing’s artist studios continue?

ADDING a colourful touch to Worthing’s sun-drenched eastern promenade this week was artist/sculptor David Barber.

But will David and his artistic compatriots be allowed to continue their brushwork in the chalet-studios near Splash Point?

Worthing Council’s two-year pilot project allowing some chalets to be used as artist studios comes up for review next spring.

Now, the council is embarking on an evaluation of the project, which was set up as part of the seafront regeneration scheme.

Questionnaires have been sent out to all existing artists, previous tenants of the studios and neighbouring chalet tenants.

Lynda Spain, the council’s principal regeneration officer, said: “Interviews will be carried out with Stefan Sykes at Coast Café, the council’s estates team and other key stakeholders in the project to see how it has worked, given that it is a very new and innovative concept.

“Also, residents and visitors have been asked to give their thoughts through Twitter and Facebook and there has been a good level of discussion through that media.

“People can still comment on the visitworthing Facebook page if they have a view about the studios and the impact they have had on that area of the seafront.

“Alternatively, people can contact the regeneration team at the council.

“We are intending to analyse all the information received by the end of the year which will then form a cabinet member report for councillor Bryan Turner to make recommendations as to how to proceed after the two-year pilot project is completed.”

Do you think the chalets should continue to be used as artist’s studios?

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