Watch as Brooklands Park miniature railway is removed after 50 years

The much-loved miniature railway at Brooklands Park is being removed after more than 50 years of service.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 3:12 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 4:04 am
The now redundant station of the miniature railway

Worthing Borough Council opted not to retain the attraction as part of its recently released masterplan for the future of the park.

Concessionaire Kevin McCluskey cancelled his lease in September after 11 years running the train and pleasure park, citing anger at the council's treatment of him and his partner.

The train departed for its final ride on September 23, with 45 visitors bidding a fond farewell to the family favourite. Read more about the final journey here: Brooklands Park miniature railway departs for its final journeyWork on the miniature railway first began in 1965, when a coal-powered locomotive was set on 660 yards of track along the western side of the lake by its licencees at the time, David Stanier and Ernest Woods.

The now redundant station of the miniature railway

The full set-up cost £2,000, equivalent to £36,815 in today's money according to the Bank of England.

In 1967, Mr Stanier and Mr Woods extended the track across the northern part of the lake, taking its length to just over 1,760 yards.

A new train and carriages have been added since, but the foundations of the railway remain the same as 50 years ago.

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The beginnings of Brooklands miniature railway
Some of the remaining track

The railway joins other features such as the golf course and go-karts in making way for the regeneration of the site as a science adventure park.

Further information on the plans for Brooklands Park can be found here: Worthing’s Brooklands Park transformation plans revealed

The bare earth where the railway once stood