Waterfront plans for Goring revealed

DETAILED plans for the completion of Kier Homes’ Waterfront development at Goring will soon be submitted to Worthing Borough Council.

A large part of the development site, fronting Eirene Road and Sea Place, has lain vacant for several months after stage one of the scheme was completed.

This first stage included a health centre, houses and flats, but local residents have been wondering when work would begin on the two remaining apartment blocks – Chichester House and Drake House – containing a total of 83 apartments.

A starting date on these homes is still not known, however.

A Kier Homes spokesman told the Herald this week that no definite starting date could be given. “As is always the case when building new homes, the construction timetable is not entirely in the control of the developer,” he said.

“Negotiations with interested parties and the planning process all have a significant impact on when we can begin the next stage of the project in Worthing.”

The relocation of Worthing Sailing Club HQ clubhouse, to a site west of the southern end of Sea Place, is an integral part of the Waterfront scheme.

“At present, our negotiations with the club remain ongoing,” said the spokesman. “Only once these are complete can we submit our detailed plans to the planning authority.”

The council’s original planning approval for the development stipulated that Kier Homes must replace public toilets which were demolished in connection with the scheme.

The spokesman said: “We submitted the application for the new public toilet in January, but, as yet, this application remains undetermined.”