WEATHER: More rain and heavy winds to come

The Environment Agency has warned people to stay vigilant to the threat of flooding.

This warning follows the wettest January on record in some places, and further rainfall on saturated ground and high river levels could also lead to further flooding.

Strong winds and high waves could also cause an increased risk of flooding along the whole of the south coast over the next few days.

David Bedlington of the Environment Agency, said: “Strong gales and high waves along the coast could cause tidal flooding issues to coastal communities today.

“This risk coupled with further bands of heavy rain and high groundwater and river levels could lead to further flooding throughout this week.

“We urge people to again stay away from coastlines and tidal areas and not drive through flood water. With further severe weather conditions expected all week, the Environment Agency is likely to issue further warnings so people should check their flood risk and get early warnings so they can take action to protect their property.

“Environment Agency teams continue to work around the clock to prepare for the rainfall by operating pumping stations, issuing Flood Warnings, and checking that flood banks, walls, and barriers are all working effectively.

“We are ready to deploy pumps to affected areas and our flood ambassadors remain out in communities affected by flooding.

“We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and we urge communities to be aware of their flood risk for the rest of the week.”