Update: Rare high UV level across Sussex for next few days

Very high pollen and UV levels are being forecast for across Sussex until the end of the weekend.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 11:43 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 11:43 am

The very rare level eight UV prediction is being flagged up by the Met Office for today in the east of the county at around lunchtime.

Originally the level 8 was forecast just for Sunday but the Met Office has brought it forward.

Now the rest of the county will also have the level lunchtime tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

The forecast tomorrow (Thursday June 21) is for a gusting north-west wind across the county, bringing down the temperature a few degrees and disguising the UV levels.

Hayfever sufferers will be only too aware that pollen levels remain very high and are set to stay so for several days.

Temperatures are forecast to be in the low 20s degC to the end of the weekend with more cloud arriving on Sunday.

However, the Met Office says that it will get hotter by the start of next week, up to the high 20s deg C.