What a difference a year makes – see our area covered in snow just 12 months ago

After the unseasonably warm end to February, it is hard to believe how different things were a year ago.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 8:14 am
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 8:20 am
Two figures silhouetted against a snowy backdrop, with the trees the other side of Broadwater Green barely visible

While the warm weather and sunshine may already be a distant memory, the weather is still completely different to how February, 2018, ended, with Worthing, Lancing and Shoreham blanketed in snow.

After sunny weather, it is hard to believe the area was covered in snow this time a year ago
Clive and Katja Lindsay and daughter Cataleya, then 16 months, in the snow in Broadwater
This snowy scene in Worthing is a world away from the weather we have recently been enjoying
The snowfall meant Broadwater Green was anything but
Shoppers braved the elements, helped by the snow not settling on pavements
While the roads were not badly affected, the snowfall did affect visibility
While the snow did not settle on roads and pavements, it was a different story elsewhere
Liz Green, daughter Rebecca and cockerpoo Millie went out for a snowy stroll
The first signs of spring poking through the snow
This picture, taken from a drone, shows that while roads stayed clear the same was not true for Broadwater Green, houses and the Downs
A snow-covered Worthing beach
Another aerial view showing the snow for miles
This image, taken from a drone, was taken looking north towards the Downs
There were white rooftops for miles around after the snow fell
A snow-covered seafront at Lancing
The snow at Shoreham Harbour and the power station in Southwick
Lancing's Beach Green was more like Beach White, thanks to the snowfall
The Perch in Lancing among the snow
Brightly coloured beach huts stand out against the snowy green
Another snowy scene in Lancing
The sun shining on a snow-covered Adur Recreation Ground in Shoreham
Shoreham's Coronation Green turned white