“Wedding ring” found in Worthing

A FERRING couple found what they believe to be an old wedding ring when they were out walking last Sunday.

Eileen Bourne, of Ferring Lane, Ferring, was sitting on a bench in Highdown Gardens when her husband noticed something partially covered by the grass.

At first they thought it may have been something out of a “bottle top”, but after looking at it Eileen thought it could be a wedding ring.

Eileen said: “What worried me was that it was very similar to my mother’s ring which she gave me.”

Because of the resemblance Eileen thought that the ring likely belonged to an older person.

She added: “I would have thought it meant the world to somebody. A wedding ring is a very meaningful thing anyway, but an older person would have been devastated.”

Eileen reported the find to the police and has had one person contact her, but it turned out not to be theirs. Anyone with information on the ring should contact the police on 101.