West Sussex County Council election results 2013: UKIP makes big gains

RESULTS of the West Sussex County Council elections 2013 will be announced today (Friday, May 3).

As had been expected, UKIP gained its first seats on the county council today (Friday, May 3) and even overtook the Liberal Democrats as the party with the second highest number of seats.

The Conservatives will retain control of the council with 46 seats, having lost two, while UKIP went from zero to 10.

The party worst affected by UKIP’s surge was the Liberal Democrats, which went from 21 seats to eight.

The Labour party gained four seats and now has six, while an independent councillor also gained a seat.

Across Adur and Worthing UKIP won four seats, as the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats lost two each.

Those UKIP candidates who did not win often came second across the divisions in Worthing and Adur, as the Liberal Democrats were pushed down into third, fourth and even last place in some divisions.

UKIP gained seats in Durrington and Salvington, Lancing, Saltings, and the Sompting and North Lancing divisions.

The party also won the Southlands by-election for Adur District Council.

Lionel Parsons, who took the Sompting and North Lancing seat with a majority of more than 300 votes, said UKIP was “turning from a breeze into a wind storm”.

While Mike Glennon, who won the Lancing division with more votes than all the other candidates combined, said it was a “major moment in time for UKIP politics”.

Read the Worthing, Shoreham and Lancing Heralds next week (Thursday, May 9) for the full story.

Results for each division are below:

Northbrook: Robin Rogers, Lib 695, Con 690, UKIP 530, Lab 211, Green 77. Turnout 26.31%.

Durrington and Salvington: Trixie Hall, UKIP 946, Con 906, Lib 351, Lab 258. Turn-out 29.4%.

Worthing East: Roger Oakley, Con 675, UKIP 567, Lib 540, Lab 443. Turn-out 21.88%.

Worthing West: Paul High, Con 917, UKIP, 759, Lab 266, Lib 217, Green 209. Turnout 26.72%.

Kingston Buci: Peter Metcalfe, Con 823. UKIP 747, Lab 433, Green 173, Lib 115. Turn-out 29.77%.

Sompting and North Lancing: Lionel Parsons, UKIP 1,144. Con 773, Lab 368, Green 124, Lib 107. Turn-out 28.93%.

Southwick: Janet Mockridge, Con 728, UKIP 611, Lab 426, Lib 160, Green 105. Turnout 29.91%

Goring: Steve Waight, Con 1079, UKIP, 898, Lab 225, Lib 189, Green 176. Voter turn-out 31.36%.

Tarring: Bob Smytherman, Lib 831, UKIP 702, Con 593, Lab 228, Green 199. Turn-out 26.11%.

Worthing Pier: Michael Cloake, Con 660, Green 514, UKIP 475, Lib 340, Lab 282. Turn-out 24.74%

Cissbury: John Rogers, Con 1,154. UKIP 1,072, Lib 213, Lab 170, Green 143. Turnout 32.15%

Shoreham: Debbie Kennard, Con 1,037. UKIP 507, Lab 321, Green 232, Lib 142. Turn-out 29.63%.

Lancing: Mike Glennon, UKIP 1,323, Con 505, Lib 243, Lab 272, Green 117. Turn-out 29.88%.

Broadwater: Bryan Turner, Con 734, Lib 601, UKIP 646, Lab 369. Turn-out 23.76%.

Saltings: Mick Clark, UKIP, 769 votes. Con 697, Lab 328, Green 266, Lib 155. Woter turn-out 26.41%.

By-election results for Worthing and Adur councils:

Southwick by-election for Adur District Council: Paul Graysmark, UKIP, wins with 354. Lab 254, Con 228, Lib 51. Turn-out 29.91%

Goring by election: Con Mark Nolan wins with 997 votes. UKIP 769, Lab 195, Green 171, Lib 149. Turnout 33.9%